Соня (fossa_s) wrote,

Set The Right

Песня вполне соответствует моим политическим взглядам, хоть они и расходятся со взглядами Мадонны.

I have read somewhere in a book
That you can change your destiny
If you work enough
you can change your luck
Tell me where I have to be
So I can find this liberty

Don't push me to the left
Don't push me to the right
I don't wanna have to fight
'Cause I know the justice is coming right

Gather up your hopes
Gather up your dreams
Just to stay alive
Is harder than it seems
I lay awake at night
Wondering what to do
Then this all did came to me
We're all changed to the red and blue

I have learned nothing is for free
If my ship goes down
No one's gonna come for me
Soldiers they take arms
And ready for the slaughter
God forgive us all our sins
We were once your sons and daughters
Tags: музыка (англ.)

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